Naev, Valyria Tear, Wyrmsun, Retux

Wymrsun 1.6.0 was of late released (announcement on our forums together with on Steam). Wyrmsun is inspired past times the master copy Warcraft games together with many reviewers on Steam compare it to Warcraft II. The projection continues a steady evolution mensuration which is e'er a practiced sign together with therefore I encourage RTS fans to endeavour it out.

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Onto to a greater extent than things slightly to a greater extent than dubiously opened upward source inwards nature...

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I'm non actually on board amongst the means the developer Onpon4 is immediately soliciting $20 for access to the code. I intend he's both pain himself past times limiting exposure of the game (you demand a password to access the downloads) too every bit quest for a fairly pregnant total inwards an historic menses where AAA games are of a like cost a twelvemonth later expose (and regularly on offer, every bit whatsoever Humble Bundle or Steam user volition know).

I would country he should merely perish it on Steam, sell it there, together with last opened upward source exterior of that. Perhaps conduct maintain additional levels inwards the Steam version but conduct maintain that charging for the source code is every bit pointless every bit it is ineffective.

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