Mutant Gangland Is Gratis (But Exclusively Every Minute Inwards Freedom)

Mutant Gangland is a nice-looking, turn-based strategy game that only happened to lead keep all of its code released nether the MIT license.

The games graphics follow a classic pixelart aesthetic

This projection is attempting to follow the classic Free Software game trouble concern model where you lot part the root but travel along the artwork proprietary, which is perfectly acceptable together with fine. It currently sells for $3.99 together with it's available for GNU/Linux, OSX, Windows, together with Android.

So allow this travel an illustration to all of the novel moving ridge of indie developers. People, part you're freaking root codes nether a Free License! Not exclusively you're non losing coin because of this, you'll every bit good travel getting costless revisions together with improvements to your ain code, together with you lot volition travel providing others the lead chances of creating something dissimilar alongside it.

Code License: MIT
Assets License: Proprietary

Official Website
Source Code (Github)

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