Mini Sci-Fi Opened Upwards Rootage Tower Defense Forcefulness Game

Purely past times chance, I flora an plainly abandoned but nonetheless fun to play mini tower defense forcefulness amongst a skippable tutorial bird in addition to 2 playable missions, beautiful graphics in addition to functioning settings.

To hold upwardly a main is to spam en mass

So yous house towers in addition to the shoot enemies that motion towards your base. I know this! Being an impatient thespian type, I skipped past times the tutorial in addition to was annihilated inwards bird 1.

Short plenty messages inwards a difficult plenty tutorial level

The score of my devastation was such, that I was thankful for the tutorial beingness at that spot at all. Even though I did popular off inwards it, it taught me plenty most the all-or-nothing early on game (which only about powerfulness cite every bit to "unbalanced") to become my strategy right.

Turn off for speed. Turn on for awesome!

You become iii towers: that allows yous to construct to a greater extent than tower, 1 that allows yous to shoot to a greater extent than in addition to 1 that shoots. You tin block paths in addition to practice mazes. There are no tower upgrades in addition to that's okay.

All the plot. Space to continue. Take that non-skip-able intro video AAA games!

Mission #3 is non possible to win (prove me wrong) but it was a bang-up sense to abide by that I was able to trounce the tutorial mission afterward all. By deviating from the given instructions! If that's non liberty (besides beingness opened upwardly source) in addition to thence I don't know what is!

Yeah right...

Come to intend of it, the ridiculousness of bird iii practically speaks "dear player, yous should totally fork in addition to brand novel levels!"

Made amongst love2d

The final commit to Turres Monacorum was inwards May 2014 in addition to the game was made at a game jam. My sense dictates that this won't hold upwardly picked upwardly past times the master developers whatever to a greater extent than but to whatever thespian amongst love2d installed, it volition come upwardly every bit a wonderful, visually polished snack!

Download the mini tower defense forcefulness game from the github issue page and enjoy!

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