Megaglest 3.9.0 Released

Since I am having cyberspace troubles equally of late, I'll give-up the ghost on it curt as well as promise it volition genuinely come upwards through:

Megaglest 3.9.0 was released today, run into changelog:
- nosotros hopefully straightaway genuinely solved the end out of sync problems for cross platform games.
- animated tileset object support. ( similar trees moving inwards the current of air )
- novel tileset texturing possibilities
- novel tilesets birchforest, desert4 and updated mediterran using animated objects as well as novel texture system
- greatly improved textures as well as animations for the roman faction
- novel maps
- ameliorate network game functioning / management to grip slower clients.
- easier mightiness to download game content from host as well as masterserver( if available at that spot ).
- novel arranged options bill of fare alongside several sub menus
- bill of fare gui improvements
- assail hotkey toggles through all assail types
- unmarried thespian games tin move sped upwards incrementally inwards steps.
- colouring picking is greatly improved as well as the default choice fashion straightaway for ameliorate compatibility
- greater mightiness to interpret game content into your native language. (including techtrees)
- Added Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese (and others).
- screenshots for savegames without annoying bill of fare inwards screenshot.
- improver of google-breakpad to ameliorate rail downwards bugs.
- many novel lua functions for scenario modders.
- jail cellular telephone coordinates are shown inwards the mapeditor
- tilesets tin laid default air unit of measurement heights
- added mightiness for stand upwards lone mod's to customize to a greater extent than of the engine similar most screen.
- functioning improvements.
- as well as equally e'er many bugs were fixed
- improved textures for tech faction

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