Limit Load, Novel Arcade Fighting Flying Simulator

Stealth evolution mightiness non live on rattling "open-sourceish", merely it sometimes makes for about nice surprises inwards our projection showcase forum.

This fourth dimension it was the completely novel open-source game Limit Load, self described as:
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 cockpit flying game that is to a greater extent than of an arcade than a sim. The game is built on the Panda3D game engine. It is similar to the ancient games similar the classic Wings or the rattling practiced Strike Commander. The even out in addition to the atmosphere are of import elements of the game, in addition to thence a lot of focus is placed on that too.
Here is about in-game activeness in addition to it seems quite polished already for such a novel game:

Licensing of assets is yet a fleck of a greyness expanse it seems, merely they are fully aware of it:
The game code is licensed nether GPL 3, in addition to custom-made game assets nether CC-by-SA 4.0. Some of the assets were taken from "free" (as inwards "not certain inwards which way") sources on the Internet, in addition to thence their licensing province of affairs is unclear. Eventually these should live on cleared for purpose or replaced.
So where is my VR kit? :D

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