Keeperrl As Well As Openig

Two interesting projects I lately came across:

1. KeeperRL:

Description from the author:

KeeperRL is a Dungeon Keeper together with Dwarf Fortress inspired dungeon simulator built on transcend of roguelike mechanics. My vision is that y'all are a Sauron-like character, searching for ultimate noesis of destruction. What makes the game dissimilar from other RTS is that y'all can, together with are encouraged to, command your principal grapheme together with Pb your minions to an opened upwards war. The characters role equipment, scrolls, potions, spells, together with other things y'all would await inwards a roguelike. Combat is turn-based together with real tactical. The whole basis is procedurally generated, together with in that place is risk manner too.
See a video of the (still inwards ASCII graphics) activity here together with the GPL licensed code here. Latest evolution seat out tin live on downloaded here (Win&Linux).

2. OpenIG:

H5N1 existent classic is beingness reimplemented every bit OpenIG (follow the evolution spider web log here). Interestingly the master copy developers convey granted the rights to all the game's information to live on freely (as inwards beer I assume) distributed alongside the novel Java based engine.
Time to natural springtime into the 4X games ane time to a greater extent than ;)

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