Hexoshi - Inspired Past Times Metroid

Hexoshi (forum thread) is a libre game by together with large inspired past times the Metroid series, notably the older versions.

It is seeking funding using CrowdSupply for a budget of at to the lowest degree $1100 to hit "Milestone 1" which involves fleshing out the offset basis of the game, including novel enemies, thespian abilities, together with 30-40 rooms, together with the graphics for it all (which seems to last the mass of the funding requirement).

It already looks quite good done, fifty-fifty though it is inwards the early on stages of development. Smooth animations, accurate together with responsive movement, together with fun music all larn far quite a compelling game together with something the FOSS game scene doesn't actually have.

Hexoshi is developed past times Julie Merchant, aka onpon4 on the FreeGameDev forums. It is written inwards Python together with SGE. Julie/onpon4 too developed ReTux (forum thread) - a projection that received less credit than it deserved, probable because it looked together with then similar to SuperTux due to re-using graphics from the classic FOSS platformer. In my opinion, ReTux is a improve together with to a greater extent than master game than SuperTux together with a remarkable achievement given it was a 1 human endeavour amongst a relatively brusk evolution time. However, when the developer tried to larn ambitious funding for ReTux in that place seemed to last niggling response.

This fourth dimension around, Hexoshi has no such problems amongst potential false identity. The caveat is that the graphics produce non be for Julie to selection upwards together with use. The crowd funding endeavour is already on rails to succeed.

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