Help To Rotc:Ethernet To Conk Fully Open-Source

The creator of the nice, but pretty niche, freeware game (but alongside Creative Commons licensed assets) Revenge of the Cats: Ethernet has only informed us that he started a Indiegogo campaign (target US$ 1500) to liberate the game.

The electrical current version all the same runs on an onetime unopen origin construct of the Torque3D engine, but alongside the somewhat recent deed to MIT licensing, it has straightaway larn possible to live on fully open-source.

According to the author:
All I ask is most a month's fourth dimension in addition to or in addition to then cash to arrive happen.
So lets laissez passer on him the manage he needs ;)

The exclusively non in addition to then bully business office of it is that the Linux port of the Torque3D MIT engine is non yet available. Several people are piece of cake working on it, but later a failed travail to crowd-fund it, at that spot seems to bring been or in addition to then setbacks.
But optimistically speaking, this could laissez passer on it the needed force to too motivate the finalization of a working Linux port.

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