Godot Wintertime Game Jam

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Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 game dev jam to practise a winter-themed opened upwards root game was community-initiated at the Godot forums. The (vote-determined) winner volition larn a budget of USD fifty to accept donated to an opened upwards root projection of their choice.

What is Godot?

Godot editor

Godot is a game engine. No wait, it's truly a game evolution IDE amongst its ain Lua-based scripting language.

As far equally I tin tell, it's a promising projection that is a fleck buggy, peculiarly when it comes to mobile exports. It has roughly UI flaws (subjectivity warning) exactly still, opened upwards root Godot is to a greater extent than appealing than proprietary Unity 3D.

If yous desire to endeavour making a game inward Godot, I recommend this official tutorial equally a starting point. Good luck & dandy success to you!

What else?

Another agency to back upwards Godot: "like" it equally a Unity 3D choice on alternativeTo.

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