Games Alongside G (Gorynlich & Gigalomania)

Great intelligence for people who similar GGGGames ;)

The writer of the novel activity roguelike dungeon crawler sort of darwen mayham game Gorynlich was then sort to inform us his game. It comes amongst this funny trailer (and to a greater extent than or less keen programmer's fine art :p ):

The code is licensed nether the LGPL, piece the assets are entirely freeware correct now. But the writer seems to last open to await into replacing the assets amongst Creative Commons licensed ones if individual is interested inwards doing so.
Gorynlich is done past times the same writer every bit the ASCII game Goblin Hack past times the way.

Another prissy game starting amongst G, is the awesome remake of the oldie Megalomania, appropriately called Gigalomania!

The writer is however looking for improved fine art property contributions, simply the game itself is already quite playable (even on mobile devices in addition to a bunch of other rare systems!). Also banking concern fit out the other 2 cool games past times the same developer: Erebus RPG in addition to Conquests (a Civ similar game).

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