Frogatto & Friends Looking To Move Greenlit On Steam

We accept mentioned inward the by a few times that it is a mutual misconception that FOSS games bespeak to travel besides "freeware", together with inward fact the contrary tin travel quite beneficial to the overall evolution of a game or the engine it is construct on.

The 2D restrain & run  Frogatto & Friends has been for sale on mobile platforms for a spell now, together with its genuinely high character game-play together with graphics are definitely a notch higher upwards most other open-source games:

All of it is possible through the operate of their awesome open-source engine Anura.

Now they are looking to sell their game besides on desktop computers through the really pop Steam digital distribution platform. You tin vote for inclusion here.

As far equally I am aware this is the origin open-source game that genuinely aims to travel sold through this channel, exactly late approximately other one, Warsow, was genuinely approved for inclusion equally a freeware title.

As a launch of their "greenlight" campaign, the creators of Frogatto & Friends accept started a Q&A session on reddit, where you lot tin larn to a greater extent than well-nigh them together with their awesome game(s).

Unrelated to that: delight besides banking enterprise jibe out our ain "sub-reddit" well-nigh open-source gaming :)

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