Freegamedev.Net Outage (Fixed)

**Update 2014-08-12 22:17**

It seems all is dorsum to normal! Thanks 123-reg for sorting out it rapidly although nobody emailed me or updated the back upward ticket, simply stellar back upward nonetheless.

If yous desire a domain holler host, in addition to then I tin happily recommend 123-reg afterwards this experience.

**Update 2014-08-12 11:14**

I've been inward touching amongst 123-reg in addition to was told the following:
This domain has entered inward a renewal stage at the registry, it volition survive completed on the 15-Aug-2014, during this stage yous cannot brand whatever DNS changes.

I asked if it would render to as-was in i trial this is stage is completed in addition to if they could create anything to speed it up, response:
Yes, they volition render to the master ones, nosotros receive got encountered these situations earlier in addition to nosotros tin speed upward the renewal process.
I volition demand to escalate this chat to a back upward ticket to receive got my colleagues attention yous further, is that ok?

So it is beingness escalated. I'll buy the farm on this post updated.

**Original Post**

I'm non certain (as I've non heard from anybody, really) of the exact extent of the outage (especially the forums which projects/people depend upon) simply it is currently downward for me in addition to others if is to survive believed.

I forgot to renew the domain. I would advert lots of excuses simply I don't receive got any!

Don't panic! It is directly renewed, simply possibly because I renewed it afterwards it expired (on the ninth - I noticed the forums downward this forenoon which is the 10th) it seems I don't receive got access to the admin tools in addition to it hasn't recovered yet. They receive got taken my coin though thus I aspect normal service to resume presently in addition to my provider (123-reg) says the 16th at the latest.

To everybody that this impacts, I am sorry. It'll survive dorsum soon. Also, it should auto-renew adjacent year.

 - Charlie

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