Freedink Audio Pattern Replacements

FreeDink is older than around kids that downloaded opened upwards source games on their ain yesteryear now.

The 2 primary cornerstones of the game are: Low resolution, twisted humor.

One actually cool affair nigh FreeDink is that y'all tin play it inward a browser.

Anyways, I worked on replacing around sounds years agone together with merely lately the same p├Árnikas fleck me 1 time to a greater extent than together with I made replacements for all sounds that didn't conduct hold costless versions of themselves yet.

For creation, I remixed a *lot* of sounds together with uploaded all the remixes right dorsum there. The attribution characteristic of Freesound is quite cool, peculiarly if really dissimilar sounds are made (see screenshot above).

However, I underestimated how much endeavour it takes to exam them together with to order around clarity to myself also equally part the procedure alongside the world, I made a video showing the steps taken for testing sounds:

I could non conduct hold done it without the fantabulous documentation together with progress report.

I volition maintain testing together with hopefully, shortly all the well volition live on fully costless on this um... cult classic™!


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