Duck Marines, Foss Remake Of Chuchu Rocket

Thanks to Tangram Games for pointing out to us that they only released version 1.0 of their local multiplayer game Duck Marines.

They pull it as:
Duck Marines is a cross-platform complimentary software PC remake of Sonic Team’s ChuChu Rocket.
Duck Marines attempts to recreate the magic from the local multiplayer of ChuChu Rocket piece adding novel elements similar mini games, a degree editor, colorful pixel fine art together with more.
But come across for yourself:

For those non familiar alongside the master on the Dreamcast hither is a pocket-size description of the gameplay:
The finish of the game is to larn every bit many ducks into the submarine of your color. Gray ducks laissez passer you lot i point, gilded ducks laissez passer multiple points together with pinkish ducks volition trigger an result or mini game.
Guide the ducks towards your submarine past times placing arrows on the ground. When walking over an arrow ducks volition instead walk inward the direction the arrow is pointing.
Beware of the blueish predators. Predators dearest to swallow ducks together with volition kill a large break of your ducks if they accomplish your submarine. Try instead to guide the predators to the other players’ submarines using your arrows.
Source-code (zlib) tin endure constitute here, assets are licensed nether the CC-by-NC-SA/ND. Build alongside the cracking Lua 2D game framework LÖVE past times the way.

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