Devcorner: Superpowers Html5 Collaborative Game Maker Open-Sourced!

Great tidings for HTML5 game developers: a few days agone Superpowers was released nether the ISC license.

What is Superpowers? H5N1 game evolution platform (an integrated editor exactly y'all tin strength out collaborate inwards realtime online; how cool is that! :D ) for making HTML5 games using TypeScript (a superset of Javascript). But y'all volition besides hold upwardly able to move amongst other languages, too hence far back upwardly for the good known LÖVE2D is available.

Learn to a greater extent than inwards this video:

The source is available here too in that place is besides an repository amongst a few sample games. If y'all similar what they are doing, please see becoming a supporter.

Looking frontward to your novel HTML5 games!

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