Devcorner: Overlap2d Editor Goes Opened Upwards Origin & Godot 1.1. Beta Amongst Huge 2Nd Engine Enhancements!

Some prissy developments on the 2D game-dev front end lately, too every bit yous volition afterward see, 2D amongst amount shader, real-time lights too and therefore on tin hand the axe hold out a quite awsome agency to brand games, without having to hire a amount squad of 3D artists ;)

First of all a corking novel 2D editor, Overlap2D, has been released nether the Apache2 license:

Contrary to other pop 2D editors (for event tiled or DAME), it is non tile based, has a modern renderer too also comes amongst a prissy GUI editor. It currently exports to a measure JSON file too has a libGDX runtime.

Godot 1.1 BETA

Really awesome are also the latest developments of the (often described every bit the open-source Unity) Godot engine which yous tin hand the axe straight off easily try. For me the coolest novel features are the novel dynamic lights (shown hither inwards the also novel isometric game sample):

This of bird requires a fleck to a greater extent than than uncomplicated 2D sprites ;) If yous desire to practise cool 2D normal-maps, this should hand yous an uncomplicated agency to practise them.
Also rattling prissy is the straight off working graphical/node-based shader editor:

If this has raised your involvement inwards developing a game amongst Godot, banking concern gibe out this prissy serial of tutorials or these. It's script linguistic communication is a simplified version of python, too therefore nearly starting fourth dimension coders should experience correct at home. Also banking concern gibe out this cool video of a mobile game made amongst Godot, if yous even too therefore need convincing ;)

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