Devcorner: Jmonkeyengine Sdk 3.0 (Stealth) Release

The perchance most user friendly as well as consummate FOSS game engine jMonkey Engine 3, has of late released the final version 3.0 of their rattling overnice SDK.

Here is a listing of the total changes:
- LWJGL base of operations straightaway industrial plant on MacOSX 10.7+ incl. Applets
- Hardware Skinning
- Shader Nodes
- Better Character (beta)
New LOD Generator!
TangentBinormalGenerator was refactored
- Better physics debug view
- Now bundles a compatible version of the JDK
- Now bundles a version of Blender for conversion as well as more
- Shader Node Editor (!)
- Code completion for assets
- Texture Atlas creation as well as packed texture handling
- External editor network updates for j3o files
- Seamless 3DS as well as Collada import through blender
- Improvements to model import tool, allows to locate as well as import textures
- Attach custom AppStates to the SDK editor scene
- New assist as well as mistake log system, await for the monkey inwards the bottom right!
- Improved Font Importer
- Improved back upward for using other IDEs for code
- Improved obfuscation back upward for protecting your applications code

Besides full general advanced of this Java based game engine, merely about changes of the listing of novel features are specially interesting! I intend that for event their graphical editor of GLSL shaders is something that could create goodness fifty-fifty projects non using jMonkey3 itself, as well as it is definitely something that was lacking every bit a FOSS game-dev tool (the half-heartily implementation for something similar this inwards Blender has withal to gain the degree of existent usability).

Check out the link higher upward to acquire to a greater extent than virtually this shader node editor!

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