Devcorner: Atomic Game Engine Mit (Urho3d Fork) In Addition To Godot 2.0

First off (and you lot in all probability read it elsewhere before): The awesome Godot game engine got a actually awesome 2.0 release a few weeks ago. It too got independent of it's master copy developers (who remain active inward development), in addition to the first larger commercial game amongst it was released on Steam only a few days ago.

Fresh of the press is a FOSS issue of an pretty awesome contender though:
The Atomic Game Engine was only released fully nether the MIT license! Its homecoming engine is a fork of the pretty prissy Urho3D renderer, but it includes an cross-platform integrated evolution environs similar to Godot:
Looks nice, but where is the Linux binary release? :(
Dive into the source code here. Similar to Godot it features around corking platform support: Linux, Android, WebGL, Windows, iOS in addition to OSX (resorted for significance ;) ); but dissimilar it you lot bring much to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than mutual scripting languages at your disposal: JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, in addition to C# scripting inward the works. Especially the latter could live on interesting if mortal manages to brand an Unity3D compatibility layer for migrating in addition to open-sourcing Unity games...

For a prissy overview, don't immature adult woman the GamesFromScratch video in addition to introduction tutorial (from dorsum inward Dec 2015 when it was non silent MIT licensed):

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