December Rts Updates

Merry Christmas from FreeGamer!

As a prissy introduce from the 0 A.D. team, the new Alpha xv Osiris was released today:

Lots of groovy novel features in addition to specially multiplayer games should hold upwards at in i lawsuit much easier to produce alongside hosting improvements in addition to a antechamber for browsing available games.

Another open-source RTS engine (using Mono/C# though) has besides released a novel version: OpenRA. Currently it is nonetheless geared toward running an assortment of older Command & Conquer based games, then you lot involve to ain these for the data. But this loose adds lua scripting for the creation of custom missions, then perhaps individual volition come upwards up alongside a libre game to run on this engine.

Last simply non least, a new version of Warzone2100 was released nearly a calendar week ago. This i truly includes roughly higher resolution textures, which is hopefully the kickoff pace to officially integrate all the awesome novel fine art assets from the art revolution project.
Speaking of WZ mods: There is besides an interesting novel tower-defense mod currently existence developed.

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