Cute Grapheme Crowdfunding (Cc-By-Sa 4.0)

Remember Justin Nichol's amazing Portrait Kickstarter? He's upwards to no expert again:

Horde of Cuteness! is an ongoing crowdfunded high resolution grapheme icon collection as well as the indiegogo campaign volition add together two heroes, v monsters, as well as iii boss monsters chosen past times the backers.
All the characters volition move released nether a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license, as well as volition move made available every bit .pngs amongst transparent backgrounds, as well as volition accept include .kra or .xcf rootage files for editing the characters yourself. All novel images volition move 2000px past times 2000px.
 There's a calendar month left as well as entirely 590$ out of 1000$ missing.

Back the icon collection on indiegogo.

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