Code Combat: Opened Upward Origin Javascript Tutorial Gamification (In A Expert Way)

Code Combat is a javascript programming learning IDE wrapped inwards a delicious cute RPG/2D RTS packaging that runs inwards the browser without whatever plugins. They lately announced their opened upwardly source/free fine art release.

The electrical current ready of Code Combat tutorials starts amongst directional drive together with activation of pre-programmed behavior, continues amongst coordinate drive together with targeting together with conditional conduct together with continues towards prediction calculations.

Editor GUI

There is an editor, officially described every bit "broken". I tin confirm that the text editor was dull when I tried using it. :)

All inwards all, a real exciting project. I bring noticed a few possible drawbacks together with therefore far:
  • It's non soundless clear which parts volition non rest proprietary. It looks similar the splendid humour (writing) unfortunately volition produce together with therefore (legal page).
  • The music tends to hold upwardly every bit good exciting to code to.
  • There's a CLA requirement for contributing.
What produce you lot think? Persuaded to move on a HTML5 game yourself perhaps, seeing that this performs okay? :)

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