Citadel Makes Big Promises

There's a novel big remake endeavor a-brewing inwards the Free Software world, this fourth dimension for prominent shooter/RPG, System Shock. nether the shape of projection Citadel. According to projection description, the destination is to recreate the master copy game using the widely known GPLed platform Darkplaces Engine, upgrading the game's graphics to sum 3D but keeping game aesthetics about the origianl game. Added modding capabilities in addition to cooperative multiplayer volition besides endure a business office of the project. 

Details, however, are somewhat scarce, in addition to thus far, equally evolution is happening behind shut doors, in addition to creator Josiah Jack only announced the being of the projection itself afterwards months of programming inwards secret. While the code volition sure enough endure all GPL or GPL-compatible due to Darkplaces licensing requirements, the game appears to rely on master copy proprietary assets, equally good equally using its ain whose license nature is yet to endure disclosed.

With a unloosen engagement planned for the the 23rd of December, System Shock's CD unloosen anniversary, I approximate we'll bring to expression in addition to run into if this projection volition deliver.

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