Blackvoxel, An Ambitious Minecraft/Factorio Mix?

Check out this interesting (somewhat lately GPLv3 re-licensed) game Blackvoxel:

As yous tin encounter it has around interesting mechanic which they telephone telephone "Molecular Voxel Interaction Engine". As seen inwards the trailer above, it basically allows yous to automate crafting, resulting inwards interesting "programmable" manufacturing works life setups.
Of degree this mightiness audio a chip likewise much similar actual operate in addition to non fun... but given the big fan scene for the unopen rootage game Factorio, I would tell it tin hold out to a greater extent than fun that it looks at kickoff ;)

Blackvoxel itself likely needs to hold out a chip to a greater extent than of a game instead of "just" a sandbox, but in that place is big hope inwards the overall concept, in addition to therefore laissez passer it a essay :)

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