Anticube Two - A Game Inside A Game

So, every bit I sometimes peruse diverse forums, the occasional jewel pops up. This is i of the best hidden gems inwards Open Source gaming.

Anticube 2 is a map for Tesseract / Cube two that is inspired yesteryear the game Antichamber as well as NaissanceE. If you lot are unfamiliar alongside those, that agency it is an abstract FPS puzzle game where things are non quite what they seem. Or, every bit the creator Lord Kv probably improve explains:
Anticube two is a puzzle map for Tesseract. You'll notice yourself inwards an interactive, dynamic, non-euclidean world. Supported yesteryear 5000+ lines of Cubescript as well as GLSL code, this map volition produce things no other Cube two / Tesseract map has e'er done before.

Here is the trailer:

There is likewise a gallery of screenshots for you lot to depository fiscal establishment lucifer out. I won't include them hither because, to survive honest, the screenshots won't hateful much for this sort of game.

I'm calling it a game, fifty-fifty though it is simply a map for a game. You tin tell it is worth checking out because of the reactions it elicits from the Tesseract developers (warning: NSFW language). Here's what developer ImNotQ009 had to country nearly it:
Whoa, I would NEVER accept though I'd come across anything similar this on BARE Tesseract.
This is i hell of an astonishing slice of work, the music is great, the whole atmosphere as well as the aesthetics are actually practiced every bit well. With the exception of a piddling fleck lousy looking (compared to everything else) terrain on the really final business office but all the same I really couldn't halt "wow-ing" through out the whole thing.
Anyway, depository fiscal establishment lucifer it out, permit us know how you lot instruct on. This definitely deserves to a greater extent than attending than it has gotten upwards until straightaway - but as well as thence over again how does this sort of affair instruct to a greater extent than eyes on it when it is simply a game inside a game as well as i which is currently suffering from a severe lack of a thespian base? Hopefully nosotros tin modify that starting here. :)

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