Annex:Ctw Rts Version 4.0 About Release

The MegaGlest based RTS Annex: Conquer The World is really roughly a major update equally version 4.0. Strait from the developer's mouth:
Yes! We are as well as hence unopen nosotros tin virtually gustation it.
He likewise posted a game-play video of the electrical flow evolution version:

He likewise late stated that the novel unloosen volition endure fully FOSS, i.e. non solely GPL source-code but likewise all artwork nether a FOSS compatible creative-commons license (most probable CC-by-SA).

It's simply a compassion that the novel much improved GUI code from MegaGlest seems to endure non all the same gear upward for the release.

P.S.: Also banking enterprise stand upward for out this Tower Defense mod for MegaGlest.

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