Annex 4.0 Rts Released!

We mentioned it a few days ago, but yous tin plough over the sack right away download the latest 4.0 version of the RTS Annex: Conquer the World.

– two New Factions: Alliance Renegades together with NEO Republic
– Shadow Organization units: Vixen (hero) together with Sentinel
– New Tilesets: Apocylapse, Metropolitian, Overcast, Brightland, together with Outland
– Increased Level cap, unit of measurement re-balancing together with refined gameplay.
– New Technology tree options: Simple Battle, Simple Deployed, Ready for War, together with Insanity.
– All Technology trees right away convey a (D) Double Damage or (H) Half Damage variation.
– Improved graphics, lighting, together with particle effects
– Save + charge game feature
– New maps together with scenarios
– New soundtrack, vox overs together with audio effects.
– FOSS (Free together with Open Source Software) license
It's peculiarly neat to run into them switch to a fully FOSS licensing model!

P.S.: Unrelated, but Unvanquished too got a new Alpha 32 release only now.

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