Ancient Animate Beingness Updated In Addition To The Deceiver

Ancient Beast 0.3 is hither (blog post, forum announcement)! This gorgeously drawn game makes about other pace towards the vision of its developers.

Heya! It’s been also long since the finally release, almost three years; long fourth dimension indeed.
We’ve finally repaired the epitome in addition to added several novel playable creatures, along with to a greater extent than features,
goodies in addition to p├Árnikas fixes, non to shout that all the old units induce got been pretty much revamped.
A ton of work, but it was totally worth it!

Ancient Beast is a histrion vs histrion plow based strategy game played online where yous ascendance all fashion of creatures (3D printed! Beware the ability of playing God!) inward a battle for supremacy with the ruins of the apocolypse. Or something similar that. Sounds fun. :)

Ancient Beast 0.3

Deceiver (formerly "The Yearning") has been rebranded inward its latest update. GPL licensed code is available on github, in addition to there's a steady history of updates going dorsum ii years, but the assets stay copyright of the developer.

So is it Free Software? Purists would justifiably nation no. For example, no OS (Linux, BSD etc) distribution could include it without the developer's limited consent. I tin run across the reasons for going downwards this path every bit the developer is directly approaching publishers, in addition to having anybody able to accept his game in addition to issue it externally would endure an resultant of contention. Which brings us dorsum to an old topic of news - is it possible to monetize a Free Software game projection without compromising on the licensing of whatever utilisation of it?

Deceiver pelting experiments
Some would nation such a game shouldn't fifty-fifty look on this blog, but given the relative inactivity of the weblog you'll induce got to indulge me this in ane lawsuit for news purposes if zero else!

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